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If the lack of time or inconvenience is keeping you from eating fruits and vegetable, then smoothies are the perfect fix !! Smoothies help increase the consumption of fruits and vegetable which is crucial to good health. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables increases the intake of fibre, maintaining a good digestive system. For those that are on a weight loss program, smoothies made with healthy ingredients can replace a meal while providing required nutrition.
There are about 9 various types of fruit and vegetable families that exist, each of them with possibly hundreds of different phytonutrients that are beneficial for our health. Without fruits and vegetables one is more prone to digestive ailments such as constipation. Therefore, you should eat an assortment of fruit and vegetables which should include a variety of colours in order to give your body a mix of nutrients it needs. This not only gives you a range of beneficial nutrients from the plant but also creates an eye-appealing meal.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in enzymes which are the building blocks for an active, energized, and better functioning body. So a Smoothie doesn’t just work by filling you up but fulfilling nutrition on a cellular level, and not just as a matter of calorific values.
Since in the case of a Smoothie, the ingredients are already blended and the fiber is broken down, it’s not only easier for the nutrients and enzymes to be absorbed in a better way but makes the digestive process quick too. This eventually helps to fight illnesses, detoxify and repair the body on a cellular level. Hence, the nutritional benefits reach your organs and your bloodstream quicker compared to a meal.
And since the fibers are intact and it keeps energy levels to a perfect high, Smoothies are more likely to curb cravings for a longer time which as a result helps avoid overeating and weight gain. The reason for keeping everything intact, Smoothies are often referred to as “Whole Juices”
This helps to fulfill the daily nutritional intake while also not feeling stuffed or bloated!

Author – Alicia Dubier


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